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Case Study: VGZ Leads Innovative Health Care

July 16, 2020 by Gaea Vilage
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VGZ is a large non-profit health insurance corporation in the Netherlands. They service more than 4 million customers and their goal is to provide innovative, high-quality and affordable healthcare.

VGZ’s Voicebot Helps Customers Help Themselves

VGZ invested time and money in training a chatbot named Sam. This voice assistant was created to help customers access their IVR-solutions automatically.

Before Sam was launched, VGZ gave him a distinctive voice that matched his personality. Sam was first introduced to a limited group of customers to be trained and modified. After that, the voicebot was ready to help all VGZ clients, and did an outstanding job.

Within three months, Sam was already helping over 100 customers per day. Sam now handles 25% of customer questions by himself, reducing the workload for his human colleagues. VGZ customers and staff are all happy.

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