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SoftChalk is a provider of content authoring software for educators in K-12/basic education, colleges, universities and medical programs. As an eLearning authoring tool, SoftChalk can be integrated into Learning Management Systems, including Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, and Canvas.

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ReadSpeaker partners with SoftChalk and is fully integrated: adding text-to-speech functionality is very simple! The ReadSpeaker feature has been built into SoftChalk Create, so administrators can easily activate the ReadSpeaker listen functionality.

ReadSpeaker is activated in SoftChalk Create, but once the lesson is saved and uploaded to a learning management system or website, the listen functionality can be used. The ReadSpeaker listen button will appear either in an automatically-created sidebar to the right of text content, or above the main text content on the page. Students will have no difficulty finding and using the listen button.