ReadSpeaker puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of the support we deliver to our customers.

Support is a key component of our company, and we strive to help our customers in the most efficient and timely way.

Our support team is based in Uppsala, Sweden. They provide support via email and telephone to our customers in over 30 countries ranging from Oman to Singapore, Tunisia to Sweden, Brazil to Canada, Mexico to Switzerland, US to France, and more!

All of our Enterprise and proReader customers have access to a specific support phone number and email in their ReadSpeaker Customer Portal account and also here when technical support is needed:

Our support hours are between 8am – 10pm (Central European Time).

Implementation Support

Our Support team is there to answer any questions that might arise during the implementation phase. They can also assist you in any maintenance or evolutions, such as upgrades or additional implementations, on a constant basis.

Linguistic Support

With ReadSpeaker, you have your own dictionary. We can adapt the pronunciation of your words, acronyms, and abbreviations thereby providing you with as close to perfect as possible reading of your industry-specific jargon. Our linguists are there to help you when needed.

Development Support

When you require something that differs from our out-of-the-box solutions, then our Development team are there to tweak our existing services or come up with new ways to implement online text to speech on your websites and mobile apps.