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Corporate Learning and Text to Speech

Boost Corporate Learning Success

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Corporate learning and development programs have become necessary elements for:

  • effective onboarding
  • improving employee performance and continued professional development
  • consistency among employees
  • standards for productivity, safety, and quality
  • employee retainment
  • overall positive company reputation

Whether redesigning courses, developing entire courses or curriculums, or creating training materials, content must be engaging or knowledge retention will suffer. The consequence of poorly onboarded and trained employees can be subpar performance, attrition, regulatory and legal consequences, safety hazards, and lack of employee development – to name a few.

Text-to-speech technology represents a tremendous opportunity for text-intensive corporate learning content to become more engaging as well as consumable for employees who are always on the go, multi-tasking, and pressed for time. ReadSpeaker solutions can help to increase the success of your corporate learning program by ensuring that more employees understand and can access training and onboarding guides, books, web content, job applications, PowerPoints, user guides, policies and procedures, and more.

The voices used in all ReadSpeaker solutions  are among the most accurate and human-sounding on the market and we offer many voice options and languages to suit the needs of our clients.

ReadSpeaker solutions are easily integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and all learning environments are supported.

See how it works in your LMS:

Suite of Learning Tools

Online Web Reading

Add text to speech to your learning management system with this streaming technology and your employees can listen to digital content with one click of the ReadSpeaker Listen button.

Online Document Reading

Make your online documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, EPUB, Apache OpenOffice, and more) audible and more accessible to as many learners as possible. Your documents can be listened to on any device at any time – no plugins required.

Speech Production

If streaming audio isn’t the right solution for your corporate learning environment, you can produce the audio. ReadSpeaker offers a variety of solutions that allow you to create audio files that can then be integrated into a learning management system or other applications. These files can also be used offline, so your training is available whenever, wherever, even if not connected to the Internet.

Embedded Text to Speech

Integrate ReadSpeaker text to speech locally into mobile applications, installed software applications, or hardware devices.

See what your company can do with ReadSpeaker text to speech

On-Demand Voice Talent

Cost-effectively and easily add and update the voiceover for a presentation, training manual, or learning course with ReadSpeaker text to speech instead of using costly and time-intensive human actors.

Multilingual Material

Learning content should be accessible to global learners and to those who do not speak the language fluently. Allow your employees to translate text into their native language or produce audio in multiple languages using ReadSpeaker text to speech.

Multiple Voices

Integrate multiple ReadSpeaker voices to serve the unique needs of your content and audience.

Script Testing

Test scripts before they go into production with ReadSpeaker text to speech.

Stream Audio

Add a Listen button to your courses so anyone who prefers listening to reading can stream digital text content.

Offline listening

Increase portability by allowing your employees to take your digital content with them on the go via an mp3 file and listen with one click of the ReadSpeaker Listen button .