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Text-to-Speech Learning Tools

Text-to-Speech Solution for Blackboard LMS

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ReadSpeaker provides quick and easy integration of text-to-speech learning tools into the Blackboard environment for enhanced accessibility and Universal Design for Learning. Students and teachers have easy access to audio for all content within the learning environment.

  • Integrate Universal Design for Learning into Blackboard coursework
  • Support a diverse student population
  • Improve accessibility and meet accommodations requirements
  • Read any content out loud, on any device

A complete set of text-to-speech learning tools for Blackboard

ReadSpeaker Text to Speech is easy to install in the Blackboard environment.

Simply ask us how


  • ReadSpeaker’s Text-to-Speech Building Block is easy to install in the Blackboard Learn Saas environment. Simply ask us how.
  • Premium quality voices ensure high usage.
  • Assessment and accommodations support directly within the Blackboard environment.
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Display of ReadSpeaker webReader on computer, phone and tablet.


  • Fully Cloud-Based – No installation required to use ReadSpeaker in Blackboard.

  • LMS plugin for the Blackboard learning environment.

  • Step-by-step instructions and a readily-available support team if you should need any help.

  • Customer-specific pronunciation dictionary.

  • Just one click to listen and follow along with the highlighted text.

  • Floating Listen button, player, and menu stay visible when scrolling down on a page and can be conveniently repositioned by user.

  • Click and Listen allows users to use the mouse to click on the text that should be read, or use the keyboard to navigate to and select the text section to read.

  • Text Mode shows the content in an easy-to-read format, using font, size, and colors of your choice.

  • Integrated reading and translation tools.

  • Audio File – Download an mp3 audio file of the content for offline listening.

  • Quick and easy access to all features through expandable player and menu.

FAQ about Blackboard TTS

Accessibility for Blackboard is all about making sure ALL students can access and learn from content within the Blackboard learning environment. While not a traditional screen reader, ReadSpeaker’s suite of speech-enhanced learning tools with keyboard shortcuts and accessible navigation are valuable support for learners of all types, not just those with visual impairments.

In today’s learning landscape, providing equal access to learning content within the Blackboard environment is essential for educational institutions to succeed in providing inclusive education for all students. ReadSpeaker text to speech is a key element in every institution’s accessibility strategy.

ReadSpeaker text to speech is easy to implement within the Blackboard learning environment. It is an included block that administrators need to simply set as available and then contact ReadSpeaker to setup an account and finalize the block settings.

ReadSpeaker’s text to speech tools can be used to speech-enable assignments, quizzes and other assessments directly within the Blackboard environment. This supports administrators and teachers as they provide ADA accommodations.

Blackboard Ally and ReadSpeaker tools work in tandem to make content accessible. Educators use Blackboard Ally to prepare and produce files in an accessible format. These documents are then perfectly adapted to the ReadSpeaker Suite of Learning Tools, which provides speech-enabled reading, writing and studying.

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