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Moodle® Accessibility by ReadSpeaker

The ReadSpeaker for Moodle® text-to-speech plugin is a certified Moodle integration. It is simple to implement and gives students UDL-enhanced content and accessibility tools at their fingertips, directly within the Moodle® environment.

Integrate Universal Design for Learning into Moodle courseworkSupport all studentsOffer accessibility and inclusionRead aloud any content, on any device


  • Certified Moodle integration
  • Seamlessly integrated, and easy to use
  • High-quality, natural-sounding voices
  • Assessment, accessibility, and accommodations support directly within the Moodle environment


  • Can be activated in Moodle on a school-by-school or course-by-course basis
  • Just one click to listen and follow along with the highlighted text
  • Synchronized Highlighting – The text is highlighted by word and/or sentence as it is being read.
  • Read Selected Text – Select any text and click the Listen button to listen to it.
  • Floating Listen button, player, and menu stay visible when scrolling down on a page and can be conveniently repositioned by the user
  • User Settings – Customize reading speed, highlighting colors, and more
  • Click and Listen allows users to use the mouse to click on the text that should be read, or use the keyboard to navigate to and select the text section to read.
  • Text Mode shows the content in an easy-to-read format, using font, size, and colors of your choice
  • Integrated reading and translation tools
  • Audio File – Download an mp3 audio file of the content for offline listening.
  • Quick and easy access to all features through expandable player and menu
  • Fully Cloud-Based – No installation required to use ReadSpeaker in Moodle
  • Customer-specific pronunciation dictionary
  • Online Statistics – The ReadSpeaker Customer Portal contains detailed usage information, including which pages have been listened to, and when.
  • Step-by-step instructions and a readily-available support team if you should need any help
  • See more ReadSpeaker webReader features


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FAQs about Moodle Accessibility

Accessibility for Moodle learning management system ensures inclusivity for all students, even those with physical or cognitive disabilities. All learners can access course content within the Moodle learning environment.

Using ReadSpeaker for Moodle allows students to listen to text as it is read out loud to them, as well as access speech-enabled learning tools, helping ensure that all students stay at peer level in all subjects.

ReadSpeaker for Moodle is easy to install with the dedicated plug in making it seamlessly integrated and easy to find and use. There is a fully supportive help team to help at any time.

ReadSpeaker text to speech for Moodle helps institutions with all compliance requirements such as WCAG 2.2, ADA, 504 plans and IEPs. ReadSpeaker tools are also eligible for many assistive technology and accessibility grants.

ReadSpeaker supports all major Learning Management Systems and assessment platforms

Our text-to-speech solution integrates quickly and easily into all leading Learning Management Systems, e-learning environments and assessment platforms.

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At the University of Manchester, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the student’s experience and learning. ReadSpeaker could offer us a unique functionality within our VLE so the integration was simple and seamless. Our users are very satisfied with the quality of the text to speech feature and the very short time required to generate the audio. Another positive factor is that with just one click, all our users can listen to our text without the need for any download benefiting different types of students according to their preferences and learning styles/needs.

– Ian Miller, University of Manchester

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After two months of having ReadSpeaker available, we’ve already gotten a call from a student who said being able to play the audio was helping him get through course material faster.

– Kentucky Educational Television

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