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Quantum is Zeus Learning’s fully customizable Digital Learning Platform designed for publishers.

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Designed for publishers, Quantum is a lightweight, modular, and highly scalable Learning Management System that provides a host of core as well as pre-integrated educational tools and student information systems.

Publishers can integrate Quantum with other Learning Platforms and services using industry interoperability standards. Quantum’s powerful next-generation technology combines the best aspects of a custom LMS solution with the security, robustness, and scalability of an off-the-shelf system maintained and enhanced by experts.

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Quantum has allowed us to bring all of our digital products together into a single, student and school-friendly, learning platform. We were able to tailor all aspects of the system to meet our unique needs resulting in ThinkLink, home to core and supplemental hybrid curriculum across science, ELA, and math. With ReadSpeaker’s text to speech integrated into Quantum, our materials address the unique learning needs of all of our students.

– Mariel Warnock, Program Manager, Curriculum and eLearning, School Specialty, LLC

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