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5 Ways to Use Audio in Studying to Improve the Learning Experience
Students hear all the time about how technology makes their studies easier. Parents and teachers go on and on about how lucky this generation is…
Text to Speech (TTS) and Retaining Students
Educators often struggle to control student retention rates, which describe the percentage of students who return to the same school from one semester to the…
Everything You Need to Know About Text to Speech for Education
Want to know more about text to speech? Here are the answers to 11 common questions, including information about how to use text to speech…
What Is Tertiary Education for Non-Traditional Students?
Education is a never-ending journey. While many learners in our society follow a set path — graduating from high school, attending college, then entering their…
How Can Computers Help Children Learn to Read?
Computers play an essential role in boosting equity in many areas of modern society. As our world grows more digitized, the information we have direct…
How Bad Employee Training Can Lead To High Training Costs
Smart companies know the value of professional development. Here’s why investing in employee training costs can improve your bottom line.
Approved Uses for ESSER, GEER, and Other CARES Act Funds in Education
The COVID-19 pandemic hit schools hard, forcing more than 90% of students into unprecedented distance learning scenarios—many of which were less effective than you’d hope.…
Accessibility In Education: 5 Ways to Help
Education is a necessity that has historically challenged some students more than others. When schools and classrooms require students to learn through a singular method…
4 Benefits of Speech to Text for Educators
Being an educator comes with ample rewards and challenges. While instilling knowledge and a love for learning in students can be a fulfilling experience, many…
Preparing for the European Accessibility Act’s June 2022 Deadline
One in four European adults have disabilities. That’s 87 million people who may need assistive services to access your company’s digital services, including websites. Removing…
ReadSpeaker VoiceLab Powers Sonos Voice Control Custom Voice
ReadSpeaker’s industry-leading bespoke voice expertise leveraged by Sonos to enhance the Sonos Voice Control (SVC) experience BOSTON, Mass. – May 17, 2022 – ReadSpeaker, the…
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