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ReadSpeaker speechCloud API

Increase interactivity and usability by speech-enabling your apps and devices

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Cloud-Based Speech Generation

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API is an online text-to-speech API for making desktop/web/mobile applications and Internet-connected devices talk.

Easy to integrate, straightforward, and high-capacity, ReadSpeaker speechCloud API gives you access to high-quality voices in many different languages to read the text in your apps and devices. With the increasing amount of Internet-connected devices, the need for audio interactivity is also on the rise.

To meet that demand, ReadSpeaker speechCloud API enables you to have your application/software send text and receive text-to-speech generated audio files to be played back on Internet-connected apps and devices.

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API can also easily be used in the very popular open source communication application platform Asterisk to add text-to-speech capabilities to PBX/IVR systems.



Built-in customer-specific dictionary where customers can control how certain words are read

Multiple audio formats

Multiple audio file formats (A-law, u-law, PCM, WAV, Ogg, MP3)


Choice of several languages and voices using state-of-the art speech synthesis

Easy to use

Sample code in different programming languages: Java (Android), Objective C (iOS), PHP, ASP, Flash/ActionScript


Statistics interface (via web and API)

User experience

Easy-to-use web interface containing everything you need to get started


AGI script which supports most versions on Asterisk on Linux

SSLM control

Have more control over how the text is read with SSML ​input ​support. When activated in your account, it is possible to insert pauses/breaks of certain length, insert phonetic transcriptions and do voice and language switching in the same text.

Online Payment

Online payment system to easily purchase your API credits for our default voices

Request Timing Information

Access to timing information makes it possible to build a highlighting solution within the API.

Benefits of ReadSpeaker speechCloud API

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API offers you an easy pay-as-you-go way to


Add more interactivity and usability to your software and devices.


Meet your users where they are and how they prefer to interact with your products and services.


Seamlessly and cost-effectively speech-enable all sorts of apps and devices without the need to use a resource-demanding text-to-speech engine.

Speech-Enable a Variety of Applications and Devices

Developers can now use ReadSpeaker speechCloud API to create all sorts of talking apps and devices that are populating the Internet of Things

Household appliances
Interactive billboards
Connected cars
Medical devices
Interactive kiosks
Talking clocks
Translation apps
Social network readers
Navigation apps
Audio guides
Industrial appliances
eBook readers
SMS readers
Pronunciation apps
Talking notepad
News reading apps
Weather readers
Talking stock prices

Try It Free

Learn more via the ReadSpeaker Web Application Service Platform (WASP)

* You will be redirected to the ReadSpeaker Web Application Service Platform where you can sign up for a trial account to speech-enable your apps and devices. Contact us for our complete selection of languages and voices and/or for larger volume discounts. Please note: this service is for streaming audio only; no static audio files may be produced, downloaded, or distributed. For audio file production licensing, please contact us.

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