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ReadSpeaker TextAid

Literacy Support for Struggling Readers. Speech-enables any text making it accessible to all.

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“I’m a reader!”

Helping students build lifelong learning skills, build confidence, and achieve academic success.

The task of helping struggling readers stay motivated and at grade level is a difficult one. ReadSpeaker TextAid helps teachers, institutions, and parents face accessibility challenges with its reading, writing, and studying tool, helping those with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, and language learners to become confident, autonomous learners.

Users listen to an audio version of assignments, textbooks, web pages, scanned notes, personal documents, and more, while reading along with the highlighted text.

A touch pad, a smartphone and a computer that use TextAid

ReadSpeaker TextAid Helps:

  • Improve comprehension

  • Increase self-confidence and performance

  • Give independence to choose
    when, where & what to read

  • Motivate reluctant readers to read more

  • Students stay at peer level in all subjects

  • Reduce IEP budgets

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Multiple Users?

Contact us for more information about school and campus licenses, a free demo, and to discuss how ReadSpeaker TextAid can make a difference at your educational institution.

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A Complete, Easy-to-Use Reading, Writing, and Studying Literacy Support Tool for the Classroom or at Home

At ReadSpeaker, our rich experience working with accessibility professionals and educational institutions has allowed us to create the most complete literacy support service available today.

The students and other teachers are really enthusiastic about how easy to use and intuitive ReadSpeaker TextAid is. Just 5 minutes showing it to the students was enough for them to understand how it works.

Higher education teacher

I find TextAid far more user friendly, quicker, and more accessible than other solutions. Plus now I can work independently, on any device. I’m also a fan of working with the OCR and storing my OCR-ed photos of text.

Hubert Jäger


From individual complete subscriptions starting at $4/month to institutional licenses, ReadSpeaker TextAid is the most cost-effective solution available today. Contact us about multi-user licenses or click here for more information about ReadSpeaker TextAid for Individuals and to sign up for a free trial.

100% Web-based

No downloads required and ReadSpeaker TextAid and any saved texts and uploaded documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected device and browser, whether in the classroom, at home, or on the go. Students can access a reading assignment at school and then log back in at home and complete their homework.

Reading Language, Voice, and Speed

Choose up to five reading languages from the 20+ languages available. Some languages offer multiple voices. Check here for a complete list of available languages. You can also adjust the reading speed to your comfort level.

Copy and Paste

Have ANY text read out loud.

Talking Calculator

Read numbers and calculations.


Text Highlighting

Text is highlighted as it is being read. This text can come from websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, PDFs, and more.


Document and OCR Reading

Upload documents in various formats, including
scanned documents, images, PowerPoint, PDF, Word,
EPUB, etc.


One-click Web Reading

Read web pages with just one click of the ‘TextAid Web Reader’ tool in the bookmark bar. Or add a free ReadSpeaker TextAid browser extension, available for Google Chrome, Microsoft EdgeMozilla Firefox, and Opera. They enable a toolbox in the browser, allowing you to listen to web pages, online PDFs, Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online pages, and emails in Gmail and Outlook online, and also offer writing assistance. You can also install the TextAid Chrome Extension centrally on all school Chromebooks.


Word Prediction and Auto-completion

Learns from each individual user to predict and complete words. Please check here for supported languages for this feature.



Highlight passages in various colors to later be collected as a summary of the text that may be edited, printed, or downloaded.


Download Audio Files*

Save an audio version of any text to any device or to Dropbox to access at any time, even while offline.

*Downloads one page at a time to an mp3 file.


Text Selection and Word Lookup

Select any part of the text and listen to only that section. Look up a selected word in the dictionary, look up selected text on Wikipedia, or perform a web search on Google. Please check here for supported languages for the Dictionary tool.


Personalized Settings

Customize TextAid for more comfortable reading. Choose your reading speed, text color, size, and font, including OpenDyslexic, and highlighting colors.



Draw or write text directly on any uploaded document. Use annotations to fill in the blanks in assignments or add notes to learning material. You can save, print, or email your documents with or without the annotations.


Screen Mask and Reading Ruler

Focus on a part of the text, or on one line at a time, for easier reading.



Personal Text Library

Save any document to your personal library and access it from any browser or device. Search and upload Bookshare e-books from a Bookshare account.




Translate text into any of the available languages, then listen to the translation. Please check here for supported languages for this feature.



Text Read Back

Text is read back as it is typed, per character, 
word, and/or sentence. Please check here for supported languages for reading back per character.



Spell Check

Check your text for spelling errors and choose from the suggested corrections. Please check here for supported languages for this feature.




You can dictate any text: it is written out as you speak with speech-to-text technology. Please check here for supported languages for this feature.


User-friendly Interface

A clear and easy-to-use interface available in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. Check here for a complete list of available UI languages. 

Secure Access

All communication between your device and ReadSpeaker TextAid is fully encrypted.

Group and User Management Tools

Teachers have extensive management and reporting tools. Coordinators can manage groups and users, activate/deactivate certain features, and appoint other coordinators and teachers. See how to add a member, make a coordinator, and how to make a group.


Access to usage statistics for all TextAid coordinators.


Teachers and coordinators can share folders and documents, and students can ‘hand in’ work by sharing a document with a teacher. See how it works here.


Quizzes and exams can be scheduled in advance, and separate exam domains, as well as single seat sessions, make exams secure while allowing for accommodations.


Teachers can assign and notify students of work that they then complete and hand in, receiving a teacher’s grades or comments, all through ReadSpeaker TextAid.


Learning Management System Integration

Easy integration into any existing learning management systems (LMS) and full support for integration into an LMS as an LTI Tool. ReadSpeaker TextAid can be made available to students through the LMS without the need for special user registration/sign-up or additional login, supporting both automatic and non-automatic registration.

Click on the logos below to see how ReadSpeaker TextAid integrates with each LMS:

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Consult our e-Books and Guides, read our Case Studies, learn more about the
benefits of bimodal content presentation for literacy support, or see our other education solutions.

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