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Distribution of Media Content

Every advance in computer tech and internet speed drives home the point that multimedia content is here to stay. What started as a luxury in the dial-up days has quickly become a requirement, if you want to attract and retain site visitors. For media content owners that create primarily text-based content, this creates a potential […]

Tools That Help to Learn a Foreign Language

Language skills have never been more valuable than they are today, in the classroom, the workplace, and the world at large. The cultural incentive has always been strong for students who choose to learn a new language, but now the financial incentive is catching up. As technology continues to bring our world closer together, the […]

Solutions to Overcome Health Literacy Challenges

The web is packed with medical and health-related data, as a few keystrokes on any search engine will readily reveal. A gap exists, however, between the amount of data available and the amount that’s practically useful to the majority of citizens. Health literacy initiatives and government regulations aim to bridge that information gap, so individuals can […]

Customer Support Key Performance Indicators That Matter

Customer support is a key element to evaluate when choosing SaaS solutions. Making that evaluation begins with understanding which customer support key performance indicators are most instructive in determining SaaS support quality. Most of these KPIs will likely be familiar, but there are some important distinctions to keep in mind given the unique nature of […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Imagine living in today’s technology driven society, but without access to the technological tools that shape our daily lives. Not easy, right? Many routine, daily tasks would become needlessly difficult, and complex digital tasks would be near-impossible. For many people, this is reality, and it’s a reality that Global Accessibility Awareness Day aims to change for the better. […]

Text-to-Speech Case Study with The Virtual High School

This is post #7 of 7 in the series “The Future of Education” All this theory about text to speech is sound and practical, but how does this work with students? Storie Walsh, the director of instructional technology at the Virtual High School (VHS), is happy to explain. VHS offers schools and students online classes that […]

Benefits of ePub3

When e-readers hit the market, the process of shopping for and consuming texts changed forever, but even that seismic shift is in the relative rear-view. Now you don’t even need a dedicated e-reader to shop for and read texts. It can be done with your smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, laptop, or just about any other […]

Ease of Use of Text-to-Speech Technology

This is post #6 of 7 in the series “The Future of Education” Adding the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech service to your school’s website or teacher-created materials is easy, too. If you use templates consistently, the addition of a small piece of code can automatically enable all content to be read out loud. For instance, customers Cengage […]

Adding ReadSpeaker to Educational Material

This is post #5 of 7 in the series “The Future of Education” In the educational market, ReadSpeaker provides the benefits of its text-to-speech services to various educational segments. Schools such as Minnesota Infinity, Calgary Catholic, Georgia Virtual School, Gwinnett Online Campus, Anaheim School District, Clark County School District, The Virtual High School, SCcyber, and […]