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Certified Text-to-Speech Integration for Blackboard Learn Ultra

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech tools for all learners now bring accessibility and learning options to thousands of institutions and millions of learners on the Blackboard Learning Management Platform.

December 11, 2023 by Amy Foxwell
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ReadSpeaker Announces Certified Text-to-Speech Integration for Blackboard Learn Ultra, Expanding Opportunity for Over Millions of Users  

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech tools for all learners now bring accessibility and learning options to thousands of institutions and millions of learners on the Blackboard Learn by Anthology Learning Management System.

BOSTON – [ 11 December, 2023 ]  – ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent digital voice and text-to-speech provider for educational institutions worldwide today announced the release of a comprehensive text-to-speech (TTS) solution for the Blackboard Learn Ultra platform. This release shows ReadSpeaker’s continued support of their longtime partnership with Anthology by continuing to deliver state-of-the art text to speech for Blackboard Learn Original and Learn Ultra. ReadSpeaker has developed a solution that enhances the Blackboard Learn Ultra experience by speech-enabling content across modules, documents, and quizzes, a clear win for accessibility and inclusion.

“ReadSpeaker focuses on delivering the highest quality experiences for our partners’ learners and educators, adapting and innovating our products for seamless integration into partner platforms.” said Roy Lindemann, Chief Marketing Officer for ReadSpeaker. “This integration for Blackboard Learn Ultra is no exception, helping Blackboard Learn Ultra users rise above accessibility and engagement challenges and succeed.” 

ReadSpeaker’s work with Anthology is not new – the plug-in is already in use by hundreds of institutions using Blackboard Learn and powering thousands of learning modules. But as of December 11, ReadSpeaker’s accessibility and engagement tools will also be available for Blackboard Learn Ultra customers, expanding learning opportunities for millions of learners and supporting inclusion and engagement in Anthology’s continually innovating platform. 

“More accessible learning environments benefit every student by enabling them to connect with content in a way that fits their preferences,” said Nicolaas Matthijs, Vice President of Product Management at Anthology. “Our partnership with ReadSpeaker demonstrates our shared commitment along this journey to more accessible, inclusive, and equitable spaces.”

With this latest release, ReadSpeaker intends to deliver an improved experience for Blackboard Learn Ultra customers, providing highlighting and real-time audio capabilities directly in the LMS. This multi-modal form of learning provides up to 50% more material retention and ensures learners will be more successful with their academic endeavors. This support extends to any device used to reach the platform and can be used with hundreds of different voices in over 50 languages. 

“In today’s increasingly blended learning landscape, access to inclusive and engaging learning content is an absolute must for educators and institutions,” said Lindemann. “Offering and delivering the resources a student needs, on their own terms and on-demand, is no longer a luxury. ReadSpeaker is delighted to help those institutions using Blackboard Learn Ultra meet this demand.”

ReadSpeaker has been providing text-to-speech solutions for education and voice technology resources for schools, universities, and community colleges for over 25 years.  The ReadSpeaker Blackboard Learn Ultra integration will allow users to engage with content in a multitude of ways and offers an extensive collection of voices, languages, and dialects built using the latest in machine learning technology. The full education suite allows for a personalized experience: reading speed, highlighting, font, text size, and colors can all be adjusted for maximum benefit. ReadSpeaker’s Voice Lab also develops custom voices for institutions and international brands such as Sonos.

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For more information about ReadSpeaker for Blackboard Learn visit: https://www.readspeaker.com/education/blackboard/

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For over 20 years, ReadSpeaker has provided human-like synthetic voices and speech-enhanced learning tools to more than 10,000 education and industry applications in 70 countries. ReadSpeaker creates custom digital voices and offers more than 200 expressive off-the-shelf voices in over 50 languages to enhance the user experience through engaging voice interactions.  At colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and businesses, ReadSpeaker brings voice to websites and learning content. Learn more at ReadSpeaker.com/education or on LinkedIn and Twitter (@ReadSpeaker).

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