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The ReadSpeaker Speech Synthesis Library

Looking for lifelike text-to-speech (TTS) voices to power your voicebots or smart speaker apps? Explore the ReadSpeaker speech synthesis library.

March 23, 2023 by Gaea Vilage
The ReadSpeaker Speech Synthesis Library

In any conversational AI system, users only experience one thing: Your text-to-speech (TTS) voice. Make sure that voice truly represents your brand. The ReadSpeaker speech synthesis library is an ever-growing collection of lifelike TTS voices, all ready to deploy in your voicebot, smart speaker application, or voice user interface. Fill out the form below to start exploring the contents of our ready-made TTS voice portfolio—or keep reading to learn what sets ReadSpeaker apart from the crowd.

Listen to ReadSpeaker’s neural TTS voices in dozens of languages and personas—or inquire about your very own custom branded voice.

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Why choose TTS voices from the ReadSpeaker speech synthesis library?

1. Every voice offers accurate pronunciation, lifelike expression, and AI-driven quality.

Text-to-speech voice quality is essential for providing outstanding customer experiences in voice-first environments. ReadSpeaker has been at the forefront of machine speech for more than 20 years, and we continually invest in R&D to push the technology forward. We develop our neural TTS voices using deep neural networks (DNN), a form of artificial intelligence modeled on the human brain. This DNN technology allows us to synthesize human voices with remarkable—and constantly improving—accuracy.

As a result, the voices in our speech synthesis library sound as good as TTS can—and they always will, regardless of how the technology advances. As we develop new neural networks for modeling lifelike human speech, we’ll reprocess original source recordings to keep our TTS voices future-proof. This makes the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech synthesizer online library a unique solution.

2. ReadSpeaker provides global reach with a local touch.

ReadSpeaker TTS voices are available in more than 30 languages and dialects, allowing you to reach a global audience while serving distinct communities—whether they speak the Dutch of Belgium or the Netherlands; Australian, British, or U.S. English; Mandarin or Cantonese; or many other languages and dialects. And, our list is always growing to meet the needs of new customers.

Don’t see your customers’ language represented? Contact us to discuss your project’s language requirements. Meanwhile, with offices in over 10 countries, ReadSpeaker linguists are always close at hand to solve pronunciation challenges including industry- and brand-specific jargon.

3. Get advanced TTS from a 100% speech-focused company.

Many major providers of TTS voices do so as an adjunct to professional services; they create conversational AI solutions, devoting the bulk of their R&D efforts to related technologies like natural language understanding (NLU) or conversation management systems rather than TTS.

At ReadSpeaker, TTS is all we do—and all of our R&D concentrates on improving synthetic speech. This deep, narrow focus also gives us the flexibility to work hand-in-hand with customers, ensuring expectation-defying TTS experiences before, during, and after launch. As part of our continuous improvement policy, we take feedback from our users, constantly update our products, and maintain an international team of computational linguists who will help you update custom pronunciation dictionaries. This ensures ongoing perfect speech, even for changing industry jargon, acronyms, initialisms, and proper nouns—the very specifics other TTS engines struggle to express accurately.

4. Our TTS engines ensure full privacy, every time and for everyone.

Currently, some of the leading providers of ReadSpeaker-quality TTS voices are Big 5 tech giants. Often, conversational AI providers simply rely on these industry behemoths to supply their speech synthesis libraries. That can create potential conflicts of interest, as vendors may access and analyze user data.

That’s not a risk with ReadSpeaker, and the reason is simple: ReadSpeaker TTS solutions never collect data, not from our customers, and certainly not from yours. As an added bonus, this assured privacy can help you comply with local regulatory laws, whether that’s GDPR in the EU, HIPAA in the U.S., or any other privacy protection.

5. Choose licensing based on your business model, not ours.

Many TTS providers stick to rigid contracts, often with hefty minimum purchase volumes. At ReadSpeaker, we’ll work with you to create a contract that reflects your business model, whether that’s licensing the perfect voice for a certain duration or partnering with you to meet other pre-agreed goals.

For even greater branding gains, ask us about our custom branded voices—a one-of-a-kind TTS voice built to express your brand traits and establish you as a distinct voice in all your consumer-outreach channels.

Sound interesting? Check out our live demo for an introduction to the ReadSpeaker speech synthesis library. Better yet, fill out the form to request a curated selection of neural TTS voices for your unique application—or to develop a custom voice as an audio brand signature.

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