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Educational Institutions and Text to Speech

Support students with a suite of audio-enhanced learning tools

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ReadSpeaker’s solutions extend the reach of educational content by instantly creating an audio version of courses, lessons, tests, quizzes, assessments, reading assignments, and any other text-based content. This kind of bimodal content delivery has been shown to improve word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and recall, as well as lead to increased motivation and enhanced confidence.

With ReadSpeaker solutions, learners have a suite of learning tools at their fingertips, allowing them to use audio support in their everyday learning.

Literacy support and learning tools

Offering audio tools as assistive technology helps students stay at peer level and improve comprehension, motivation, and self-esteem. Audio plays an important role in Individual Education Plans.

Higher Education
Attract and retain students

Text to speech helps institutions support diverse learners with varying learning preferences and helps them succeed.

Language Learners
Language support and reading fluency

Audio gives added support to those learning a language, whether EFL, ELL, or any other kind of language learner, as well as those learning in a second language.

ReadSpeaker solutions are easily integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and many learning environments are supported. See how it works within your LMS :

Suite of Learning Tools

Text is read aloud while users follow along with the highlighted text. Reading, writing, and study tools provide an audio-enhanced learning experience.

ReadSpeaker webReader

An extended toolbar integrated into the LMS or website provides audio learning support.

ReadSpeaker docReader

Read and listen to documents in various formats on any device and with no plug-ins required.

ReadSpeaker TextAid

Read, write, research, and study all in the same easy-to-use personal tool especially designed for struggling readers and language learners. Includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox extensions

Curious to see what can you do with audio tools?

Streaming Audio

Make it easier for students to access course materials on mobile devices. Many busy students like to stream their lessons to hear an audio version. ReadSpeaker’s Listen button allows learners to hear an entire lesson or just the parts they need. Students on the go or adult learners that are balancing work, school, and home can download an mp3 file to listen to their lessons offline via a mobile device or laptop.

Distracted Readers

ReadSpeaker tools offer features designed to keep students focused and engaged on relevant content. Complex documents can be viewed in a plain text form which is easier to read, while page masking and reading rulers allow students to  avoid distractions while following along with text.

Note Taking with Pictures

Many learners take pictures with their mobile phones to capture notes, but studying these picture notes can be a task. ReadSpeaker TextAid allows note images to be converted to text and read aloud, providing convenience and saving time.

Writing Research Papers

Organizational reading and writing tools allow students to upload articles and collect and organize highlights and citations. Once written, the paper can be reviewed both visually and auditorily to check for clumsy sentences, subject/verb disagreement, and careless mistakes.

Increasing Vocabulary

For students learning a new language or students with limited literacy or vocabulary, the translate and word lookup features allow them to see and hear word translation and definitions.

Typing Difficulties

Some students have difficult typing or getting their thoughts onto paper. With ReadSpeaker TextAid, students can dictate and have their speech converted into text in their document without having to type at all.