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Audio for Educational Institutions

A suite of audio-enhanced learning tools

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Learners have a suite of audio-enhanced learning tools at their fingertips, allowing them to use read-aloud support in their everyday learning.

ReadSpeaker helps institutions in supporting students, campus-wide and on an individual level, for all types of coursework, improving literacy and learning results, attracting and retaining a more diverse student population and increasing course completion.

And because the tools are easily integrated and readily available across all platforms and for all content, ReadSpeaker’s speech-enabled tools aid learners wherever they are, whatever they are studying. Whether it’s reading, writing, math, assessments, STEM work, doing research, taking notes, studying, personal reading, or other ways of using text, ReadSpeaker solutions support students throughout their education.

Institutions that provide speech-enabled content:

  • Improve learning outcomes, meet student success goals and increase course completion
  • Meet accessibility requirements
  • Attract and retain a diverse population, increasing enrolments
  • Make their IEP budgets more efficient


Literacy support and learning tools

Offering audio tools as assistive technology helps students stay at peer level and improve comprehension, motivation, and self-esteem. Struggling readers are assisted in decoding and can focus on the content, providing study independence. Audio plays an important role in Individual Education Plans.

Higher Education

Attract and retain students

Audio tools help institutions improve accessibility and support diverse learners with varying learning preferences and help them succeed and complete their course.

Language Learners

Language support, translation and reading fluency

Audio gives added support to those learning a language, whether EFL, ELL, or any other kind of language learner, as well as those learning in a second language.

ReadSpeaker solutions are easily integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMSs) & learning environments.

“ReadSpeaker allows Union County College to provide content to a diverse body of learners. ReadSpeaker engages auditory learners and provides a successful pathway toward graduation.”

Beth Ritter-Guth, Director of Instructional Design and American Honors

ReadSpeaker for Education


Reading, writing, and study tools provide an audio-enhanced learning experience.


Campus-wide Audio Support

ReadSpeaker for LMS

Speech enable all course content, campus wide, on the fly and provide a suite of audio enhanced learning tools with an extended toolbar integrated into the LMS.

Using ReadSpeaker webReader and ReadSpeaker docReader, text in any digital format is speech-enabled and highlighted with these integrated read-aloud solutions for all LMSs.

Intensive Literacy Support

ReadSpeaker TextAid

Literacy support for individuals providing a personal reading, writing and studying tool.

Students can access any content in an easy-to-use tool especially designed for struggling readers and language learners. Includes browser extensions for Google Chrome (online and offline), Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

Open laptop on the desk, with online study on screen

ReadSpeaker for Assessments

Level the playing field for exams, tests, quizzes, and assessments.

Read-aloud support helps students understand instructions and assessment questions. Educators can focus on monitoring and evaluating learning.

ReadSpeaker speakUp

An easy-to-install and easy-to-use application that will read out text on the screen even when offline.

“Ensuring that our courses are both multimedia rich and suitable for all learners is something that is central to our mission. ReadSpeaker was a natural fit because it gives all of our students an audio option. ReadSpeaker’s integration with the D2L Learning Environment made it easy for VHS to implement the browser-based solution. Within seconds, the organization enabled it on a course level and within all lesson documents, so VHS students can have all course web pages and documents read to them with one click of a button. Since implementing the technology, we’ve been encouraged by how popular it’s been.”

Storie Walsh, Director of Instructional Technology, Virtual High School

See What Learners Are Doing with Audio Tools


Creating a Personalized Reading Experience

Students choose the font, colors and contrast, reading speed, voice and more.


Streaming Lessons

Streaming lessons to hear an audio version using the Listen feature, or downloading an MP3 file offline.


Focusing for Distracted Learners

Using the Simple View to show content in a plain text form or using Page Mask, Screen Mask and Reading Ruler.


Writing Research Papers

Students can upload articles, make annotations, collect and organize highlights, review writing to check for clumsy sentences and mistakes.

Note Taking with Cameras

Many students take pictures via their mobile phones. Using Image to Text, images can be listened to and edited.

Women working on a computer


Increasing Vocabulary

Translate and Word Lookup can be used to see and hear translations and definitions, improving comprehension and expanding vocabulary.


Typing Difficulty

Using the Dictation tool, students’ speech is dictated and converted into text. Grammar and punctuation can then be edited.


For Assessments

Learners can listen to tests and quizzes, even if there is no Internet connection for security reasons.


Sharing Documents

Document owners and/or coordinators can share documents with one or more users.

ReadSpeaker’s solutions extend the reach of educational content by instantly creating an audio version of any text. This bimodal content delivery has been shown to improve word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and recall; as well as lead to increased motivation and enhanced confidence.